2015 Submissions

Killer Hijia Techno Song
Catacombs Experimental Song
Sonic.EXE Comes Out to Play General Rock Song
Mortal Kombat Komputer v1.2 Experimental Song
Mortal Kombat Komputer Experimental Song
Homie G and the Horror Show Techno Song
Windows Sounds Mix Techno Song
Inside an Alien Spaceship Ambient Song
That Big Loud Bass Dance Song
The Underground Machine Trance Song
A Waspy LE Jam Session Techno Song
Duh-Duh-Duh DubRave Experimental Song
Preach it, My Brotha Miscellaneous Song
Warped Up My Voice Miscellaneous Voice
Hi-Pitch Whistle SynthLoop Miscellaneous Song
Armed, Dangerous (v3) Miscellaneous Voice
Duhduhduhduh 2 Miscellaneous Voice
Duhduhduhduh Miscellaneous Voice
Armed, Dangerous (v2) Miscellaneous Voice
Armed, Dangerous (v1) Miscellaneous Voice
Izaya Orihara bassline 2 Techno Loop
Izaya Orihara bassline 1 Techno Loop
Tobias the Bird Boy Techno Song
Mysterious Valley Experimental Song
Vertigo Industrial Song
Ballad in the Mist Ambient Song