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I'm a writer and free thinker who is determined to help influence major good change to spread! Peace is only possible in the absence of aggression. (I also have done music stuff.)

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Hello there :)

Hey! *huuuuug* How have you been?

Doing OK. Hope is the same for you.
Nice to see you back into music. Good luck on the NGADM auditions (º- º ) b

Yep, I'm good. I'm glad I'm back into making music. Looking forward to working more on new music today! Created some new samples to mess with. :D

Thanks for the good luck. Will you be trying for the auditions?

Yes, I already posted my audition track.
There seems to be a lot of contestants this year. It will be hard to even make it into the round of 64.
But there's nothing to lose, and it could be a lot of fun.

Awesome! Sometime I'll check out your track. :D

I've been working on mine for the past two days. Today, I'm going to have a go at making a beat or two from scratch. This synth I made already is challenging to put bass and things around it. I know I picked at least one good bass to go with it!

Hey! What software do you use for your music?

Hi there! How have you been?

I've used two different softwares for my music. Acid Pro, and HP Music Maker Jam. I'm able to do a lot with Acid Pro than the other, so I've been putting together my latest track on Acid Pro for the competition. (It's a tricky project since not all the synths and beats I've come up with ahead of time don't fit.)

Oh, well poop. We can't host stuff made on Music Maker Jam. We'll have to unpublish it. MMJ licenses everything you create to themselves, and you can use it on YT, but it's incompatible with our licensing here.

I figured this out. My friend Axel (Lexa Hergon) had let me know that a bunch of tracks had to be taken down because they were made on the Music Maker Jam.

I'll stick with Acid Pro + Audacity when it comes to submitting music compositions to NG, because I can cut and paste, arrange and pitch shift and fade out, and effect and equalize - all that fun stuff.

Thanks for letting me know on that bit of info on the MMJ licenses. I did not know that before, and now I do.

You might wanna check out the NG AP rules real quick, just to make sure everything is in order. The main thing I was concerned about was that your music was just loops, which we also can't allow unless you've got some of your own composition going. It's why I asked! Don't wanna see you get in trouble.


Am I unable to unpublish my own audio or do I have to ask someone who does audio cleanup to do that for me?

Desert Racing, Duh-Duh-Duh Dubstep, Robotics, A Beautiful Morning, and Epic Trickster are all just loops. The first 4 are all from Music Maker Jam. The last one I just recorded off of a myself playing on a Button Bass music cube. (The track Epic Trickster sucks anyway, and I'd like to have that removed.)

Actually, you can remove them yourself if you use the Project System. It's very simple and just requires a little bit of patience to go through and unpublish works. Go to Project System. Click "manage audio", click on the songs you want to manage, and there will be a "unpublish" link in red on the left hand side of the screen, at the bottom.

I figured it out. For a little while I couldn't unpublish and remove the one left that shouldn't be there. I was about to seek help from moderation when it finally did unpublish. Glad it worked out.

Okay, good, good. Sorry about all this. I know the rules don't always immediately stand out aside from the GD stuff that people often ignore.

Also, been a while since we talked. You doing okay?

It's all done. That's what matters, and my friend Axel saved copies for me in case I don't already have them all on hard drive. (I think the Epic Trickster track can vanish into the abyss though, lol.)

I can move on to the next Super Nintendo music remix I'd like to do. No due dates to be concerned about!

Yeah it has been a while! I've been all right. Getting there to having what I need to be able to apply for a part-time job along with having the A-OK from local government blockheads to have my bookstore business moved to online only.

Been busy-ish with some other stuff too. How have you been?

Okay, so all is mostly well then.

Me, not much has changed. Still living in the same house, albeit not much with the way I've been traveling around. Still on the knife edge of losing said house. Still living on top of one another, haha. But things are better. I'm less depressed, tentatively reaching out to God, etc. My mom moved out and in with a boyfriend, though.

Hope you get to keep your house.

When you are having problems you have no solutions to and no control over, it's better to let go and let God - at least for a while.

I'll need a reminder here. Do you and your mom get along well, or has there been frequent conflicts?

It's getting better these days, both the letting go and the relationship with mom. We're finally on a daily calling basis. Not fighting, although we don't always get along either. It's been pretty tolerable since she moved out, but now I miss her and it's weird.

Hey, you still run that forum?

I'm glad that's getting better for you both.

I still have my forum, but it hasn't been active for over a year. Unfortunate, but oh well. I have more friends active on Skype and on the Wireclub.com chat site than over there.