Entry #56

To any who follow up on the content I upload...

2017-12-10 01:02:49 by SilverFoxJams

Have you checked my YouTube channel recently? On Monday nights (starting at 8PM Eastern Standard Time), I livestream with some cool people I'm friends with. As the stream goes on, we've been talking about certain topics of interest, current events, and/or hang out and have open discussions. 

My streams were sabotaged a few times by goofball leftist trolls, yet for the most part the Ancapistani Lounge livestream series has been going on well for a while now!  If you don't have much to do on Monday nights, then stop by my YouTube channel, and check out what it is we discuss.

If there are any voluntaryists around here who would be interested in joining me on a stream, then please leave me a PM in advance! 

As for the debate I was going to have with one of the communist kids; that did not work out well at all. I didn't want to debate them, since they proved themselves to be uncivil and very disrespectful to me. And that's all there is to be said on that.

I hope you all have a lot of fun with your friends and family this holiday season! Hopefully, I could get more podcasts done, featuring some of those good friends who appear on my livestreams. We'll see!


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2018-01-03 00:53:48

Yo, I was listening to some of my old work to see what I might want to update to... modern standards. Stumbled on your review and wondered how you were. What's shakin? What sorts of stuff do you talk about on your channel?