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Update On What I'm Doing, New Podcast, and a New Video

Posted by SilverFoxJams - September 3rd, 2017

I haven't been focusing very much on music making, for I have been encouraged and motivated back into my self education, and doing some reading. I play some games in between, along with being very active on Twitter.

I have no idea when I'll get back to the video game music remix project I've started about a month ago. *Sigh...* Perhaps one day when I miss making music again.

My newest podcast is called "Why Ethics Matter, Part 1". I first wrote about ethics in a blog of mine, and I have decided to do an audio version and video/audio version of this. That way, I could help plant the seeds of positive ideas to help influence great change further.  It's also really good that I'm reaching a few people to small handfuls of people at a time. I've made friends with some awesome people, and I will likely collaborate with one of my new buddies on YouTube someday!

Last but certainly not least, I want to share this new video I recently put together. Maybe, just maybe, would help people understand what anarchism is, and how in one way the political process brings out the worst in those who are mentally and emotionally stuck in Left VS Right.

The first part is something I've inserted from an online radio broadcast by Larken Rose; an author of at least 4 books. He's also a philosopher and freethinker. Some of how he explains things is quite funny. In the radio segment, it's as the title says. 

In the next part, I go over things related to some current events.

I've explained a few similarities between statists of the left-right paradigm, and the radical far left group people have been mislead to believe as anarchists.  I also started to introduce what spontaneous order is.

If you would like to listen to the entire broadcast by Larken Rose and the character Satan, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aajpluQovA0 


The video version of my new podcast will be online sometime soon!

I hope all my friends here on NG are doing well. Stay safe. Be sharp! Never be flat, lol.