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Spirit of the Wind Princess Spirit of the Wind Princess

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Intense cinematic! I love how the strings lead to the crescendo horns. This is a treat to the ears for any person who is a fan of instrumentals that sound like film scores of action movies.

Oh! Studio Ghibli! They've done some great movies. I have seen up to six animations by them. I had just watched Ponyo again recently. It was On Demand. It's a visually stunning and cute movie. =D

Your track is good composition-wise, but the quality of this ought to be enhanced and improved. I can somewhat imagine how fierce the NGADM competition is going to be, so best of luck to you. =)

The Prodigal The Prodigal

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I normally don't listen to bluegrass, to be honest. I'm new at reviewing songs like these! ^^;

First of all, I must say it is really great to have someone you love who likes to do music and sing along with you. You and your wife and your friends have wonderful voices. I agree with what my bud TaintedLogic had said on your voices being soulful.

Every instrument used here is well played and complements your voices so well. The atmosphere of this song is homey and warm to me. The production quality is very good.

Good luck to you all in this year's NGADM!

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Peaks Peaks

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow! Lovely ambient. The reverb'd quality is well done, and the whole scope of this track makes for a nice, relaxing listen. I can imagine this playing on a video game, or an animated film or show soundtrack.

The soft percussion and piano-like pads in the beginning to the sweet pitched synths and smooth arps are what I like the most about this piece. The percussion softly playing in the background doesn't hinder this track at all.

What you wrote out to describe the audio-visual story here was something I could imagine somewhat. You definitely have a solid audio-visual talent.

Best of luck to you in the NGADM. =D

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1f1n1ty responds:

Hey SilverFoxJams thanks for dropping by

I will say that many of the thungs that are so great about this track happened by complete accident. Many sounds were created by simply shooting in the dark and hoping for thr best so its always crazy to me to see how good it all is

NGADM 2017 Round of 64 Podcast NGADM 2017 Round of 64 Podcast

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is better than the first podcast! Music is like oxygen to me too, lol. I'm almost always listening to a song or instrumental. I have a small handful of playlists on YouTube that I have to listen to.

Have you ever been a radio DJ? Because as I listened, it seemed like I was listening to internet radio. =) Smooth music transitions and good choices. I still like the mellow fantasy-theme-like instrumental of yours.

I'll be sure to check out the auditions that made it into round one, and read the insightful reviews from the judges. I might look at some that did not make it.

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ChronoNomad responds:

Aw, thanks! I think the quality of the recording has certainly improved over the previous one. I often refer to the music I listen to as the "soundtrack of my life." And I've got plenty of good music stockpiled all over (which definitely includes on YouTube) that I can play on a whim. But I also enjoy the music of nature quite a bit, as well. Wind, birdsong, and the rhythm of rain are a few of my favorites.

I have not actually been a radio DJ, though I've given it serious thought before. I think it could be pretty awesome, actually. But I have done voice acting and voice over work, enjoy singing, and usually do quite well in any job that requires speaking with others, either in person or on the phone.

I'm glad to hear that the background music fit well and transitioned nicely. I quite love the Fantasy-themed tracks, as well. With a podcast of this length, I really wanted to start out with something strong, then move on to a more mellow feel, and finish with something encouraging.

Great! Ectisity was kind enough to put together a playlist of the Audition tracks that earned a spot in the Round of 64, so I would suggest heading over to his profile for easy access. The rest are easy enough to find thanks to the comprehensive Newgrounds search bar.

Thanks once again for dropping by, and I really appreciate your feedback! *Hugs*

Strong Force Strong Force

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's too bad you can't enter this one into the auditions phase of NGADM with this one. Is this really a 3-person team effort on this piece? Well done collab if it is. A bit repetitive, but that didn't take away from the track much at all.

Lol as I was listening to this before reading the description I already imagined a cartoony, yet sci-fi and dark show that would air on TV with this cool music playing in the background.

This is an overall very good fusion of EDM and dubstep.

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JordanKyser responds:

This was done by me and inspired by two people. This is my NGADM audition entry for both FGK and I.

Thanks for the review! ;)

BrightSide BrightSide

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

There's definitely a funky vibe to this dance track. I like that twinkly arp a lot, and the drums are well put together. A lot of everything flowed well here.

I think the guitar could use a bit of reverb for improvement. In the beginning, to me it felt a bit out of place in quality with everything else in the composition.

Well done, and no this doesn't sound dumb at all. I think this is well done.

Good luck and have fun in the NGADM competition!

LunacyEcho responds:

=> funky dance

That's exactly the mood I was going for! :D

=> guitar reverb

Based on the funk element, that guitar is actually a clav! But your suggestion still stands—it could definitely be mixed better into the song.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a review! :)

NGADM 2017 Auditions Podcast NGADM 2017 Auditions Podcast

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ah cool, a podcast to go along with this competition! I'm also trying out in the audition phase. I just submitted something for the audition phase. May the most epic music win. :D

Very nice choices for background music by the way. I especially like the fantasy themed cinematic one.

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ChronoNomad responds:

I'm glad that you could make it in time for the Auditions! There's a lot of truly epic music this year, of that there can be no doubt. Finding the most epic will indeed be the tough part. ^__^

Thanks! I'm happy to hear that Whispers of Remembrance fills the background so nicely. Having music instead of silence wasn't a difficult choice, but which tracks to use...yeah, that's harder. Your review is very much appreciated. Thanks for listening!

Details Details

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Whoa, this is an excellent mesh here Jere! Hi, it's been a lonnng while since our last chat. I hope you are doing well!

What I imagine as I listen to this is a child who walks into his or her room, and finds a creature that's at first intimidating and creepy in appearance. Then the kid finds out the creature means no harm, and they go on an adventure together.

Everything musically is so good, in addition to the FX used. This definitely kept my interest from beginning to end. This is a real treat to hear on the headphones!! Very interesting percussion... I like those reverb flutes, and the constant slow wub that fits to all this wonderful mess of a track you put together. The ending conversation, it kind of took me somewhere a bit different, but it's not a bad ending. =D

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Pandasticality responds:

i love it when a song paints an image in the listeners head, thank you for that n 3n! lets chat some day!

Thank you for the review!
- Pandasticality

T-Logic - The Ritualist T-Logic - The Ritualist

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This one's another quick favorite of mine that you've done. Love the percussion (so cool) and the Japanese instruments inserted in here! You've inserted quite an assortment in this. Definitely a fusion, one that's a really good listen. I've been listening to some of your tracks today on headphones the entire time. Absolutely not shitty, lol.

I like everything about this one, overall. I'm glad you managed to pull through on completing this despite the computer problems. This would be very cool and interesting for video game soundtrack material. ^_^

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TaintedLogic responds:

Wow! Thanks for all the reviews, my friend. Anything can sound Japanese if you use the right scales, haha. I master most of my tracks with headphones, so I think they end up sounding more balanced with headphones. I need to check out your music now - you've just made my day! :D

T-Logic - Ormolu T-Logic - Ormolu

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very surprising uniqueness for a drum and bass! Yeah, I have to agree with you and another reviewer on this track not being a hard-hitter. Not that it's a bad thing, not at all! Just different in a way that was a good surprise. The percussion in this is awesome, and all the pads and soft synths to go with the types of bass flows great.

You went slightly off key towards the middle, but it doesn't bother me that much. I liked this enough to put it in my list of favorites. Great DnB! There's definitely some wow to it. =D

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TaintedLogic responds:

Thank you so much! I worked really hard on that percussion. XD My music does get off key sometimes, but I'm gradually learning to exercise more control over it, haha. I'm honored that I made your list of favorites. Thanks again!