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Thank you to all, both old friends and new friends.

I sincerely hope all the best that the bunch of you who still follow me on Twitter and Gab will stick around long enough to know the truth about Donald J. Trump. It's also important to know the truth about Israel!! As awful and horrible and disgusting the Pizzagate shit is, it's provided the gateway for some of you to know about MK Ultra!! (If you haven't already, I recommend you to check out my video on my YouTube channel about my expose` of propaganda subliminal messages in a 1960's National Anthem video.)

If you have no time to watch this entire video, bookmark it. Or at least check out the links I'll post the links underneath what I'll embed here...

Before I list Earl's stuff and everything I've shared, I'd like to give a shout out to my friend who's a Marine Veteran! ThePoliticalPort on YouTube (she's done very good research, and she's awesome):

her Twitter:

Now for the rest! There's a lot to look through, so you might want to bookmark this video page.

Earl's video (He sounds emotional here because he's lost friends and was almost killed for that big lie, that obedience to authority is a virtue.) :

Earl's blog:

Sun Tzu bio:

B.O.S.S. app on iTunes:

Why Taxation is Theft:

Christopher Coumo of CNN video clip:

In case you want to see Coumo's Orwellian Twitter account again. If you'd like, you may tell him darkwriter00 says hi, lol:

Global Research - “Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term:

CIA document transcript on JFKLancer research site:

The "Conspiracy Theory" Conspiracy Documentary -

Mainstream Media News is Bullshit... (Plus the song by rap artist Lowkey "The Hype"):

Anderson Cooper blog entry: - Anderson Cooper: Opposing Illegal CIA Wars Is "Unelectable":

Waco Documentaries:

Whatiscommoncore.wordpress - Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform: # 9 – David Coleman (The video clip of him is towards the bottom of the page! Also, read the article. Most all the links work except the "Speaking Back to Common Core", the one about the closed door meetings, and  Professor Laura Gibbs’ “Inspid Brew of Gobbledygook". Booooo!):

David Coleman in his own words:

And The Sheeple Vote:

J.P. Morgan Bought 25 of America's Leading Newspapers (1915) info:

Couldn't resist! I'm sharing this video of mine everywhere I can think of.


I've been uber busy between working, self-educating myself through watching documentaries and important information on YouTube, reading through certain articles and PDFs, and reading certain books that help me with my researching.

The next podcast will be about Whole Child Education - a wrap up on the problems within most schools across the U.S. I thought someone else from one of my networking groups was going to join me. I don't think he can, for he's tied up with things in his life. So, I'll be doing this podcast solo. I don't mind though. Maybe next time, I could introduce Simon to you all.

I've been sharing this video in most places I share the truthful, important information. Ron Paul is warning of eventual financial martial law. I have no idea WHEN this is going to happen, but I believe it may happen fairly soon. I figured I'd better give you guys and gals who have been listening to all my podcasts the heads up!


You really should see this video I just put together.

2016-07-15 00:47:27 by SilverFoxJams

PROOF of the mass manipulation towards so many people here in the U.S., no thanks to the tyrants.


Here's the video I got the 60's National Anthem film from. You'll learn a lot from it!

Internet Movie Database Info about the movie "They Live".

An article about the bomb robot used by Dallas police;

Chief David Brown's speech at the memorial (what a fool he is, to even stand by the Whopper King, lol):

Article about the bald eagles;

The Whopper King admitted he is Muslim. In his own words:

Link to the fascinating info I found on the first computer ever invented;

If you (who's reading this) haven't heard enough about Death Note, and would like to know more;

Oh gosh, I feel bad for not updating anything in a while!  Please check out the new stuff.    

Links to videos that show more evidence on these disinfo agents:

Bill Hicks

Glenn Beck

The uploader is RIGHT to not trust a mason who has a very high degree. Check this article out, an excerpt from a former freemason:

Stefan Molyneux

Last and certainly not least! Where you can find the Vanderlip article...

Where to view and/or download PDF copy of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913

I noticed something from one of their lyrics of one of their latest songs, and I decided to try to reach out to them. They are trying so hard to help make everyone in the country aware of how they've been so incredibly decieved. I want them to know that I heard them.

Please help me send this message to them! It's very important and beneficial information for them to know, especially since Agenda 21 (learn about that) is going on at least 2 places in California! I don't know if that's going on in Oakland, where they live. This video beneficial for all the rest of you as well.

I'll copy and paste the sources I cited the cluster of information I've gathered below this video.


Debt as Money, The Truth About Money part 1:

Debt as Money, The Truth About Money part 2:

(Both of those parts go IN DEPTH about the banksters and how loony the monetary system is...)

The Washington Post Article, "Chip Implants Linked to Animal Tumors":

Article, "What is RFID Used for in the Real World?":

The video about the RFID implant designed to kill:

Bill Gates admitting his dad was a former head of Planned Parenthood:

Bill Gates Admits that Vaccines are Used for Depopulation!:

(Here's WHY I sent those 2 videos to Adrienne Armstrong. I know that Billie, Mike, Tre, and Jason are anti-war, and anti-tyrant system AKA anti-NWO. I saw Bill Gates on Adrienne's following list on her Twitter and thought, "Why is she following Bill Gates? He's a horrible enemy to mankind! She doesn't know that??" So, I warned her via Twitter to BE WARY of that bastard! You all damn well should be!!)

My video podcast about the Delphi Techique, Planned Parenthood (cough) Planned Eugenics, Bill Gates, Margaret Sanger, and Hillary Clinton:

Anita Hoge Explains the Ugly and Alarming Truth in Education:
(Anita saw this herself, after I shared this on Twitter. She replied that she absolutely loved it! She tweeted the pictorial video twice, which is really cool.)

The iTunes page where Behavioral Observation of Students in Schools (B.O.S.S.) app is:


Agenda 21 Santa Cruz documentary:

Here's where you can find the FEMA trailer videos, top 3 on this playlist I've put together:

Info about Nicholas Shapiro:

The Earth Constitution they want to push out there, and *completely* discard the U.S. Constitution in the process -

(You'll be able to pick out the newspeak propaganda by just reading it; trying to cover up the hideous truth with a bunch of nice looking lies.)

Here's the video of Michael Jackson's warning message:

Anita Hoge's Twitter accounts:

The 5th Podast about Summerhill School is finally up!

2016-04-04 14:27:43 by SilverFoxJams

I'm sorry it took longer than expected to get this uploaded. I've been really busy, between working more days at my bookstore and doing more research.

Give the new podcast a listen. You'll learn something interesting!

I hope to do more podcasts on some really important topics such as the truth about money and the Federal Reserve (which isn't really federal), Agenda 21, and mainstream media propaganda. Agenda 21 is already beginning in southern California! To learn at your own pace, go here: You'll also know about the kinds of propaganda books will go out there in the public school district. The publisher of these books is Benchmark. Research more into that, when you get the chance.

Also, check this out! To those who would still be arrogant and say, "There's no such thing as the New World Order! It's a load of conspiracy bunk bullshit!" - LOOK at the information about that textbook. Those are REAL high school text books, both the teacher and student editions! Watch the video, towards the bottom of the page. Take a good look at what's stamped past the front cover, of which school these books came from. <-This is website of that high school. Mercy High School is a private Catholic school for girls. There are FIVE MORE of these schools in America; one more in California (San Francisco), one in Rochester, New York, one in Farmington Hills, Michigan, one in Baltimore, Maryland, and one in Louisville, Kentucky! They are all private all-girl Catholic high schools.

It's not just public schools that are used as indoctrination centers, I've realized.

OH, and there's this website too:  Check out what the Earth Constitution is about, a constitution about a One World Government!  This is now out in the open, folks! There won't be peace with a single world government. Why? For one, I know damn well on how little the U.S. Government regards its citizens, including myself. Those overlords, those assholes, mixed in with the other governments to form one. Don't you get how INSANE that would be?

The world parliament promises peace towards mankind but it's a LIE! It's propaganda. Newspeak - disguising the ugliness with something that sounds nice!