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A Few Announcements

2017-06-29 14:22:12 by SilverFoxJams

1. There was this competition I attempted to enter into, NewGrounds Audio Deathmatch 2017. I had to back out, however. I made the mistake of submitting something into auditions that was a violation of submission guidelines; uploading something old I did that is all looped to make a complete track, using the HP Music Maker Jam. That's not allowed, and the track I was putting together on Acid Pro with samples that I recorded was more of a challenge than I thought it would be. 

By the time I got notified about my audition submission being disqualified, I already had a feeling that I either wouldn't be able to complete my track within the span of 2 weeks, or my track wouldn't be good enough to make it into the next round if I did manage to finish it within that time. This has been too big of a challenge, and so I have to take however long it will take to make better tracks on Acid Pro using samples that I record from a VST I have, and beats I put together through drum machines.  I know that the projects I've completed in the past using that software took up to a month.  I tend to get picky and perfectionist.  So right now I don't think I would be able to join any other music competitions until I become better with arranging my own samples and beats.

To @ChronoNomad; best of luck with the competition. I'll just spectate from here on out!

@TaintedLogic: Thanks for inviting me anyway. I learned some good lessons from my mistakes and what I've attempted to do in making something from scratch. Have fun during the NGADM and the other that you've got going on.


2. A lot of my previous music has been taken down. I recently learned about the HP Music Maker licensing, and sometime before that the software had malfunctioned, so I'm no longer using that software. I think I'll stick with Acid Pro as a composition tool. Fun fact: I've had that for over 15 years, and it was given to me by a friend of my family.

So until I get better at the process of making tracks on Acid Pro with my own samples, it's going to take at least a month to get my next project done. 

I'm putting my current in-the-works original track project on hold for now. I wish to start another my own compositional take on another remix of a Super Nintendo tune. =D


3. A good friend of mine and I are have started an original EDM collab a little while ago! I have no idea when that will be done, since my friend needs to find time on his part to do more for it. Stay tuned for any news on that. It sounds very good so far.

For some weeks, after listening to a bunch of really great instrumentals on YouTube (lotsa gaming remixes, and very interesting covers), I've missed making tunes of my own. All the story writing I had in mind from weeks and weeks ago is going to be on hold.

There's a small handful of instrumentals I did before my unexpected hiatus happened, so I'll be sure to upload all of them.

On the side, I still intend to upload more podcasts of myself covering more topics I think that's important to talk about. I'll do it no matter how much the moniturds despise me and try to delay or interrupt me. (Waves hi to those bozos who could easily read this.) I still have a lot of books to read, but I suppose they will have to be mostly on hold for a while, since I'm going to audition for this year's NGAM contest. I'll try my best if I make it past auditions. (Just as I had already begun to get back into making music yesterday, user TaintedLogic PMs me about this competition. That's sorta funny on the timing.)

I've started this really cool EDM collab with a friend I met at Very nice dude, who goes by the username Astrogoth over there. He's really talented in making his own original and remix instrumentals. We've been sharing each of our audio files via email for about a week now. He's got a way of changing up and enhancing what I record from my Waspy LE VST.  I just finished adding some things to two parts I really liked, and put them together, along with the recordings I put in case he would want to put some good UMPH into what I've produced! Some hours ago I emailed him the audio files! Maybe within this month, or less, our track will be complete. We're just getting started! =D

By the way, Wireclub is a neat chatroom site in which you can share pictures, post on your account's blog, and play some games with others. I've met some very like-minded people and I come back mostly to chat with them, and frequently update certain picture galleries for any curious on-looker who visits my profile on Wire. (My username is darkwriter00 on there.)

I'll see about uploading another track, besides the one I titled "A Beautiful Morning". Check that out whenever if ya haven't already.

Make an account and start exploring sometime!

My Google+ community in case you'd like to look at that:


Thank you to all, both old friends and new friends.

I sincerely hope all the best that the bunch of you who still follow me on Twitter and Gab will stick around long enough to know the truth about Donald J. Trump. It's also important to know the truth about Israel!! As awful and horrible and disgusting the Pizzagate shit is, it's provided the gateway for some of you to know about MK Ultra!! (If you haven't already, I recommend you to check out my video on my YouTube channel about my expose` of propaganda subliminal messages in a 1960's National Anthem video.)

If you have no time to watch this entire video, bookmark it. Or at least check out the links I'll post the links underneath what I'll embed here...

Before I list Earl's stuff and everything I've shared, I'd like to give a shout out to my friend who's a Marine Veteran! ThePoliticalPort on YouTube (she's done very good research, and she's awesome):

her Twitter:

Now for the rest! There's a lot to look through, so you might want to bookmark this video page.

Earl's video (He sounds emotional here because he's lost friends and was almost killed for that big lie, that obedience to authority is a virtue.) :

Earl's blog:

Sun Tzu bio:

B.O.S.S. app on iTunes:

Why Taxation is Theft:

Christopher Coumo of CNN video clip:

In case you want to see Coumo's Orwellian Twitter account again. If you'd like, you may tell him darkwriter00 says hi, lol:

Global Research - “Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term:

CIA document transcript on JFKLancer research site:

The "Conspiracy Theory" Conspiracy Documentary -

Mainstream Media News is Bullshit... (Plus the song by rap artist Lowkey "The Hype"):

Anderson Cooper blog entry: - Anderson Cooper: Opposing Illegal CIA Wars Is "Unelectable":

Waco Documentaries:

Whatiscommoncore.wordpress - Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform: # 9 – David Coleman (The video clip of him is towards the bottom of the page! Also, read the article. Most all the links work except the "Speaking Back to Common Core", the one about the closed door meetings, and  Professor Laura Gibbs’ “Inspid Brew of Gobbledygook". Booooo!):

David Coleman in his own words:

And The Sheeple Vote:

J.P. Morgan Bought 25 of America's Leading Newspapers (1915) info:

Couldn't resist! I'm sharing this video of mine everywhere I can think of.


I've been uber busy between working, self-educating myself through watching documentaries and important information on YouTube, reading through certain articles and PDFs, and reading certain books that help me with my researching.

The next podcast will be about Whole Child Education - a wrap up on the problems within most schools across the U.S. I thought someone else from one of my networking groups was going to join me. I don't think he can, for he's tied up with things in his life. So, I'll be doing this podcast solo. I don't mind though. Maybe next time, I could introduce Simon to you all.

I've been sharing this video in most places I share the truthful, important information. Ron Paul is warning of eventual financial martial law. I have no idea WHEN this is going to happen, but I believe it may happen fairly soon. I figured I'd better give you guys and gals who have been listening to all my podcasts the heads up!


You really should see this video I just put together.

2016-07-15 00:47:27 by SilverFoxJams

PROOF of the mass manipulation towards so many people here in the U.S., no thanks to the tyrants.


Here's the video I got the 60's National Anthem film from. You'll learn a lot from it!

Internet Movie Database Info about the movie "They Live".

An article about the bomb robot used by Dallas police;

Chief David Brown's speech at the memorial (what a fool he is, to even stand by the Whopper King, lol):

Article about the bald eagles;

The Whopper King admitted he is Muslim. In his own words:

Link to the fascinating info I found on the first computer ever invented;

If you (who's reading this) haven't heard enough about Death Note, and would like to know more;

Oh gosh, I feel bad for not updating anything in a while!  Please check out the new stuff.    

Links to videos that show more evidence on these disinfo agents:

Bill Hicks

Glenn Beck

The uploader is RIGHT to not trust a mason who has a very high degree. Check this article out, an excerpt from a former freemason:

Stefan Molyneux

Last and certainly not least! Where you can find the Vanderlip article...

Where to view and/or download PDF copy of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913